Welcome to our project page

Visit our current project, A-classes, an online eLearning platform to better serve our community. It is our way of transforming lives for our fellow human beings. If you believe in our project, or think you can offer anything for the good of other people, please join us today or sustain the project in whichever way you can, and the thousands of beneficiaries of this eLearning platform will forever remain grateful to you.

How to support A-classes:

  1. Donate to the project (till this moment, our projects have all been financed from our own pockets, so whatever amount you can contribute to the project will be highly appreciated.)

  1. Become a contributing instructor for A-classes eLearning project.
  2. Donate your lectures or eLearning contents for us to share with our students
  3. If not, you can suggest to us how you prefer to support the project

Since our official registration in Verona in 2015, we have been doing what we said we were going to do, which is creating educational contents and promoting intercultural exchange within the city of Verona and beyond.

Below are the other projects we have created over the years:

  1. Creating the blackness of Africa, a documentary film which won the African students award at the African film festival of of Verona, 2011.
  1. The Journey: An account of African immigration to Northern Italy between 1976 till date
  2. Pan-africanism – testing ideas on reality


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