Imagine a world where the “Written Word” not only has a literary meaning but also power. Imagine that power as yours to be used at will. How would you use such a power?

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We Explore The Power Of The “Written Words”

Obehi Peter Ewanfoh
Obehi Peter Ewanfoh

Visit our current project, A-classes, an online eLearning platform to better serve our community. It is our way of transforming lives for our fellow human beings. If you believe in our project, or think you can offer anything for the good of other people, please join us today or sustain the project in whichever way you can, and the thousands of beneficiaries of this eLearning platform will forever remain grateful to you.

Reading For Self-Improvement

Do you want to learn about the power of books and how you can use it to boost your potential? Do you know that there are some key information that have been kept on the pages of books for ages, and still there today, serving only those who read them?

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Pan-Africanism: Testing Ideas On Reality

Learn about this documentary film project on African sociopolitical reality on the backdrop of the fundamental idea of Pan-Africanism as Self-Determination, African Brotherhood and Common Destiny of the African people.

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THE JOURNEY: An African Migration To Northern Italy

Learn about the presence of African presences in Verona. Project was originally started as a research project into the presence of African migrants in the city of Verona, between 1976 till date.

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