About African Docs: The Diaspora Connect?

African Docs is an information website about the African Diaspora and how to connect more members of the community so we can make a better impact and build our influence.

African Docs was created in 2013 in Verona, Italy for “THE JOURNEY” a research project into the presence of Africans in northern Italy, from 1976 onwards.

The research project has since been expanded to cover the larger African diaspora community.

What makes African Docs Unique?
  • We believe in the power of our collective stories as a people
  • We believe it is our duty to build our communities as African diasporans
  • We believe we can reshape a better narration if we truly connect among ourselves

What is African Diaspora Connect?

Born out of our desire to connect

African Diaspora Connect is born of our desire to reach more members of the African diaspora community so we can better feed on each other’s experiences and help one another in the larger diaspora community.

Connecting diasporans is what we do

By African Diaspora Connect, we refer to everything we do, including the use of our resources, our influences, and know-how to bring about a better connection among the different members of the diaspora community.

Excellent ways to get in touch

Connecting and networking are excellent ways to get in touch with other people in the African diaspora community. These are often people who can help you develop your business, share important information, and find exciting new collaborations.

What we do in African Docs is simple

With our passion for storytelling, we continuously reach out to our brothers and sisters in the diaspora so we can share our unique experiences and learn from each other.

We share valuable information to enlighten members of the African diaspora community. From business to politics, history, languages, and literature.

It is on us to use different tools to shape our own narration by becoming full participants in everything that concerns us as Africans and members of the diaspora community.

Our main areas of focus and how we connect

Since the beginning of our project, we have remained passionate about education and knowledge sharing and that still stands as our key focus even today.

A good example of that is AClasses Academy, our online learning platform for storytelling and content creation. AClasses Academy was created for people of the African diaspora community.

Our intention is to show fellow African diasporans how to own their stories and profit from them, using storytelling, content creation, and digital entrepreneurship as a strategy.

M.E. Memorial is another important project we have created for the purpose of preserving our collective memory.

We intend to do this by not only transforming our experience into consumable digital content but also to teach other people how to do the same so that our shared memory can outlive our times.

We regularly engage members of the diaspora community through our podcast (Obehi Podcast). The podcast offers a safe place and a conducive avenue for in-depth interviews with different experts in the African diaspora community.

From several countries of the world, we have hosted business executives, university professors, researchers, and academia of different disciplines relating to Africa and Africans. Follow this link to learn more about Obehi Podcast.

The objective of African Docs

The main objective of African Docs is to connect more people in the African diaspora community so we can build our influence, do business among ourselves and further strengthen our bonds as people of African descent.

Why African diasporans should connect more among themselves?

Today more than ever before, there are many great reasons why African diasporans should connect deeply among themselves. For instance, African diasporans can have a huge constructive influence on their home countries, not just by sending remittances. This can include things like commerce, foreign investment, and business ventures.

There is no denying that the African Diaspora communities can and are making a unique contribution to the development of their different home countries in Africa.

These communities have access to knowledge, resources, and skills that are, sometimes, not available in their countries of origin. They can leverage these resources to build physical capital and productivity, creating jobs and boosting economic growth in those countries.

Even for those who never want to return to Africa, it is still important that we build better communities where our interests can be protected as a people.

If well organized and equipped with the right information and skills, we can bring more investments and businesses to meet the needs of our communities. Why not, we can also teach the younger generations about our history and collective experiences as a people in the diaspora.

None of these is possible without the combined efforts of different members of the diaspora communities. So, the African diaspora needs to connect more among themselves and this is why we are here.

How to work with us to connect even more

We are always looking for new ideas, perspectives, and insights that can help us grow and to serve the community even more. We want you to be a part of what we do and share your knowledge with us.

We will be happy to hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions for improving our work.

Join us today

If you are ready and want to make a contribution to the African diaspora community, then join us.