Top Afro-Canadians who have shaped history

Top Afro-Canadians who have shaped history

A recent study (in 2016) revealed that there are around 1.2 million Black Canadians. Till now, the number has significantly increased due to the supporting living conditions in Canada. Not only has the government in Canada provided facilities for people of all ethnicities, but the black community has also worked deliriously to contribute to the country’s welfare.

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Afro-Canadians are owning their voice

Whether it is talking against racism or standing up for any important issue, these black Canadians did not aim to sit back. They were vocal about all the wrongs and aimed to correct them with all their willpower.

There are many afro Canadians who have worked for the welfare of youth, participated in international games, wrote on strong topics, initiated educational reforms, etc. The list is long, but we have managed to highlight the top Canadians who have proved to be the true assets for the country.

We have compiled an influential list of Top Afro Canadians whose work and voice against wrongdoing have made awareness among people in every corner of the world.

  • Tracy Moore
  • Andreas Robinson
  • Marry-Ann Shadd
  • Harry Jerome

Tracy Moore – Canadian television journalist

Tracy Moore is the host of Cityline, a famous Canadian show which has a wide audience. She has been running the show for quite some time now. Her strong and crisp voice along with her correct reasoning of matters is the major reason for her popularity.

When Tracy Moore and her parents moved to Toronto, she says that she was the only black student in her elementary school. This made her conspicuous and get unwanted attention from other students. In the early ages of her school life, Moore had to face a lot of trouble.

Tracy Moore never stopped being vocal about the rights of the black community. She confidently talks about Black Deaths, the struggles of Black people, and Black resistance. She uses her social media accounts to provide content that engages further people to talk about Black Lives.

Tracy should always be appreciated for actively speaking about the challenges faced by the black community without being scared even for a single day.

Andreas Robinson – Canadian Social Impact Entrepreneur

Andreas Robinson is a young entrepreneur who has worked day and night to provide platforms for the youth to learn and grow. He has opened several companies in the last six years.

Andreas was raised by a single mother. He was born when she was only 18 years old. At a very young age, he started to take care of small domestic matters and assist his mother.

He was able to provide engaging workshops for children and also the elderly so that they could learn different domains for cognitive development. He was able to get funding for two of his programs from the government across Nova Scotia that help provide professional aid to the black community.

Andreas was able to work with elementary schools which later developed into secondary schools. He is among the very few social entrepreneurs who were able to get government funding to expand his social welfare.

Mary Ann Shadd – American-Canadian activist

Mary Ann Shadd is the first Canadian Afro Newspaperwoman. She was also a writer and lawyer. Moreover, Mary Ann Shadd was also an educator who helped children understand the importance of religion and professional growth.

Since Mary Ann was about to be the first Canadian Newspaperwoman, many people including her family revolted against this idea. They considered her job to be very masculine. Too less support from her family disheartened her.

In 1856, Mary Ann Shadd traveled to the United States to advocate anti-slavery. She was the speaker in prominent communities where she highlighted the need to talk against racism and to provide fair legal treatment in union councils.

Marry-Ann Shadd was the first Canadian woman publisher. She was also among the early students who studied law in The Provincial Freeman. She was also honored with the role of Person of National Historic Significance. Her books and relevant writing pieces are available in Canada’s official libraries. Her work is preserved – Journalists and novelists from all over the world study and admires her work.

Harry Jerome – Canadian educator

Harry was an athlete who was famous for his healthy body attire. This field athlete participated in the commonwealth games, Olympics, and Pan American Games.

Harry was a Canadian black athlete who had a lot of will and strength. However, due to his race, he was unable to get decent sponsors for the commonwealth games of the Olympics. The expenses required for his training, coaching, and travel were always tough to gather.

As a tough athlete, Harry did not let these things become a hurdle for his career. He aimed to work harder and let his work stand out.

Jerome won a bronze medal in Tokyo Olympics. He was among the very few people who made it to the Tokyo Olympics in 1964. In the Pan American games, Harry set several world records.

Harry was not only famous for setting and beating records of other athletes he also promoted physical exercises among the young community. Harry Jerome promoted amateur sports and encouraged youth to stay physically fit.

Conclusion on top Afro-Canadians who have shaped history

There have been times when the Black Afro community of Canada faced slavery and injustice. And then there are times when the same community was able to play a significant role in bringing Canada honor and awards.

These prominent figures have burnt the midnight oil to provide a true symbol of hard work and dedication to their work so that their country is nothing but proud of them. We have people from today and we have people from decades ago who proved to be influential Canadians the country will never forget.

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