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Hi there and welcome to African Docs Archives Footages, comprising of our years of research into the presence of African immigrants to Northern Italy, from the middle of 1970 onwards.

How It All Started

It all started with one evening debate we organised on multiculturalism in the city of Verona, exactly on the 28 of April 2012. The intention was to initiate a conversation on what it really means to live in a plural society, as against a monoethnic society, if such a society really does exist and within the context, we generally think it does?

This is the beginning of a project that has lasted for several years, leading to the publication of two books (The Journey – Africans in Verona and The Colour Of Our Children). The same project has now also led to the creation of an eLearning and media production platform also known as Aclasses Medias. It has also led to other subsidiary projects to serve the people both within Italy where the project was started and the larger African diaspora community.

The questions that have dominated the project all the way have been few and they remain almost unchanged even to date:

  • Why are we on our immigration journey,
  • What has been our encounter with the local people and,
  • What can we learn from our experiences, going forward from this point on?

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A Few Things About Me

My name is Obehi Ewanfoh. Coming from Nigeria to Italy in the August of 2004 and not been able to continue my education as I have planned, due to resident and paper issues, I turned to online education and continued to improve my skills, based on my areas of interest.

Having concluded a second training program, “an online filmmaking course” with New York Film School Direct, I decided to test out my skills, to be sure that I have gained something from the online lectures. I did my first documentary film (Creating the Blackness of Africa) which earned me the African student’s award at the African film festival of Verona in 2011.

Clearly speaking, I didn’t know what was the right trajectory for me after that film project. But I knew deep inside of me that I wanted to keep documenting the stories of people, especially of African immigrants, and creating educational contents in some ways.

That was very clear to me, although I didn’t know yet, how I was going to accomplish it.

To give the project a sort of official statue, I came together with a few friends in 2015 and we created a cultural association known as “Evideos” which we later appended the name “African Docs”, to better represent the project or at least the demography of our main concentration, the African immigrants in northern Italy.

This has been my real work and passion all the way and I am happy how it has evolved over the years, allowing me to make my little contribution. And I am grateful to all who have helped us in a small or in a big way to make this a reality. The list of those who have contributed to the project. Thank you all.