Aysha Scott Talks About Her Profession as A Black British Female Filmmaker

Aysha Scott Talks About Her Profession as A Black British Female Filmmaker

Marginalization and Resistance are never lacking when considering the story of black British or people of African origin in Britain. As for why that is the case and what can be done to address the situation, there are several meaningful individuals who are not giving up on the struggle for a better and more just society.

Today in our episode of Obehi podcast, we are going to be listening to a Black British Female Filmmaker who will be sharing her UK experience with us. Join our Content Creation Academy

Some Key Points In This Episode

  • Getting started as a filmmaker in the UK,
  • Black British Jamaican community experience,
  • Your main challenges as a black British female filmmaker,
  • Her film project “ABSENT”

The Full Interview with Aysha Scott

About The Guest: Aysha Scott

Aysha has been producing media content since 2004. She was the founder of Ethos digital Magazine creating music videos, short films, and interviews handling all media concepts for the magazine’s content. In 2007, she trained at the highly acclaimed Anna Scher Theatre School in Islington, working professionally in numerous TV, film, and theatre productions.

She later graduated from London South Bank University with a 2.1 in studying Creative Writing awarded the Course Directors Prize for outstanding achievements. Shortly after graduating, she formed her production company A Scott Productions to house her independent films.

Followed by A Scott Academy to teach film, acting, and creative writing to young people and has carved out a progressive career as an independent filmmaker. Her co-written and produced feature film ’Residential’ premiered at the British Urban Film Festival in 2016 and was nominated for two awards at the BUFF Festival 2017. She completed her award-winning short film ‘It Still Hurts’ under the company’s slate with the numerous UK and international festival screenings.

In 2017 she produced the multi-award-winning short film ‘Voice of Reason’ alongside US director Antoine Allen.

She recently made her directorial debut with her anti-bullying short film ‘Dismissed’, available on seven streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime and Apple TV. It has over 1.1 million views on YouTube and was screened at 12 festivals, winning a monetary award from the Women of African Decent festival.

She has recently been nominated for a female best filmmaker at the EPRA Leadership and Entrepreneurial Awards held in September 2022. Aysha will be making her feature film directorial debut on ‘Absent’, based on her experiences as a single mum.

You can reach Aysha Scott on her company website Ascottproductions.com.

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