The Best Ways Africans Countries Can Benefit From Their Diasporans

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The Africans in diaspora, the best and brightest that migrated from their home countries to the Americas, Europe, and Asia, are not just resources lost but resources that can be tapped on to spark even development needed in the continent. Claim Your List Of 10 African Books To Read.

These individuals, some of who were born outside their homes and others who migrated from their homelands to countries of the west, have understood the importance of coming together and uniting their efforts so that they could participate in promoting the African continent from its sorry state.

How have the diasporans United their efforts so far?

Owing to how the world is fast transforming into a global village, the internet has made virtual meeting more accessible, and by and large, the diasporans have solely connected with each other through some virtual platforms they created and has shared their thoughts and ideas on ways to elevate their various communities and country at large.

The best part of it is that this virtual meeting costs nothing hence allowing new diasporans or the nationals at home seeking to become diasporans in no time to join these online communities their counterparts have created.

From these virtual platforms, knowledge and resources like funds have been relinquished to youths at home, thus helping them actualize their dreams in their communities even without seeking greener pastures in the countries of the west.

Their unity, despite the diversity, has aided governments of the African states in making good economic decisions when embarking on bilateral trade; it has helped the economy of most African states bloom through the gorge remittances they send back home.

That’s how the unitedness of the diasporans has positively impacted their counterparts and countries’ economy. When more opportunities are given, will they perform great?

Surely, incorporating full diasporan engagement will open more doors to growth in different African states. That’s why it’s vitally important that most African governments eradicate the insecurities they feel when people migrate from the country and engage with these diasporans on another level so more economic growth will be infused in Africa.

This article discusses ways to benefit from African diasporans.

Africans can benefit from their diasporans in so many ways, which includes.

The diasporans can serve as effective ambassadors for their counterparts:

These diasporans are carriers of Africa’s cultural heritage and beliefs. As Africa’s vectors, they help in circulating cultures of different African states, which helps to expunge the Western ideas about Africa being a dark continent.

These diasporans will embody the new Africa and the talents every African has through their success in education, the medical field, and engineering.

This divulging of Africa’s culture has helped in promoting of Igbo language- one of the top spoken languages in Nigeria, as Emmanuel Ikechukwu Umeonyirioha was announced the first Igbo lecturer at Oxford University in 2021.

This helps to show the exposure of the diasporans has abetted in dispelling the views of the westerners about Africa through the incorporation of their local cultures and beliefs.

By serving as Africa’s ambassador, they adopt new ideas and visions that catapult development in the continent.

Secondly, the diasporans undeniably help accelerate the continent’s economy by outsourcing capital and resources needed by the locals at home to establish different local enterprises. This inflow of capital has spurred the circulation of money in the economy leading to an increased standard of living.

Now, individuals in short of capital to start up their business are provided with start-up capital through the loans and grants the diasporans provide; without doubt, this establishment of businesses has helped mold Africa into a good business environment, hence attracting various investors abroad.

Again, the diasporans help impact the foreign policy, which helps to improve government at home. These diasporans serve as the non-state actors that cooperate with the state actors(particularly their home countries’ governments) in the international community by influencing the foreign policy their home countries’ governments make for the benefit of all back home.

Since they marry between their home countries and host countries, these diasporans already know the cultures, ideas, and policies the government of their adopted countries makes that augment their economy; hence sharing this information with the government of their home countries to incorporate.

Another way to benefit from the diasporans is through the remittances they send back home.

Over time, these remittances have mounted in most African economies, especially those countries that top up the list of the highest remittance recipients countries. These remittances help to develop infrastructural projects in Africa.

It has equally helped finance health care, education, etc., inciting development in these sectors that have waned for years.

They have also helped transfer knowledge to their counterparts, leading to an increased knowledge base economy. Diasporans can help bring technology to Africans as well as share their experiences with education through their kids or even by themselves teaching others in Africa that would like to learn English or other languages they may speak, such as Chinese etc…

Adopting a full diaspora engagement will accelerate economic growth in the African continent as the potentials of these diasporans will help the nationals at home to acquire knowledge, establish ventures of their choice, improve the system of education, etc., for the benefit of all.

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