The Sacred Nile with Chester A. Higgins Jr.

The Sacred Nile with Chester A. Higgins Jr.

In this episode of Obehi podcast, Chester A. Higgins Jr talks about his project, “Sacred Nile”, the story of our collective spiritual imagination and practice. There are many people of African descent who have greatly influenced the foundation of Western religion and this is celebrated by Chettars Higgins in his work, Sacred Nile.

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Some Key Points In This Episode

  • How he started with cultural anthropology,
  • His first experience in Egypt,
  • The importance of storytelling and the correction of erroneous narration about Africa and the people of African descent.

The Full Interview With Chester A. Higgins jr.

About The Guest: Chester A. Higgins jr.

Chester Higgins is the executive producer at Chester Higgins Projects in New York City Metropolitan Area, US.

Wrestling with the issues of memory, places, and identity, Chester sees his life as a narrative and his photography as a tool of expression. His art gives a visual voice to his personal and collective memories about Africa and people of African descent.

It is inside ordinary moments he finds windows into larger meaning. Light, perspective, and points in time are the pivotal elements he uses to reveal an interior presence within his subjects as he searches for what he identifies as the “Signature of the Spirit”.

He has published several books, taking him years of studies, travel, and analyses to project a different narration.

Sacred Nile is one of his many interesting works.

Sacred Nile is the story of our collective spiritual imagination and practice. Chester Higgins celebrates the agency of people of African descent and their influence on the foundation of Western religion.

His images illustrate how faith migrated up and down the River Nile from Ethiopia to Egypt, leaving vestiges of ancient practice in today’s worship. This visual portrayal of faith reexamines our spiritual beginnings.

Below are only some of the comments about the book:

“An epic personal and spiritual journey expressed through images of unearthly and majestic beauty. Higgins’s iconic photography, supported by revelatory text, discovers in Africa a common ancestor for many of today’s major religions.” – David Henry Hwang, playwright.

“This visually stunning book also drops some serious knowledge about the cultural and religious connections between the lands that border the Nile: Ethiopia, Nubia, and Egypt from the dawn of history down to the present time.

This knowledge is still rejected by many mainstream Egyptologists, but as they become more familiar with other African cultures, religious traditions, and languages, the connections described in this book will be confirmed in academia.” – Solange Ashby, Egyptologist, University of California, Los Angeles.

“Sacred Nile takes us on an unforgettable journey down the world’s most important cultural highway. With soul-stirring text and awe-inspiring photography, our introduction to the African roots of faith and spirituality is truly transformative.” – Anthony T. Browder, independent researcher.

“This important, original book gently forces one to think, question, and make connections. It is beautiful and visually stunning, while at the same time eye-opening, and for me, it provides a feeling of peace, serenity, beauty, and harmony.” – Sylviane Diouf, historian of the African Diaspora, Brown University

You can get a copy of the book on Amazon or check more about the work at

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