Learn About Film Production And Management With Clare Ezeakacha

Learn About Film Production And Management With Clare Ezeakacha

Storytelling is a skill that is particularly important in Africa today. At the center of this is production management which consists of managing the logistics and processes that lead to the successful completion of a film. Claim Your List Of 10 African Books To Read.

If you want to venture into the movie industry and maybe want to be a production manager, then you might want to master the three key stages in film production as pre-production, production, and post-production.

While we might not necessarily be going into the details of these stages of movie production today, we are going to be learning from an expert in the field, Clare Ezeakacha. Clare will be connecting with us from Lagos, Nigeria and she will be telling us about her experience in the Nigerian film industry, also known as Nollywood.

Some Key Points In This Episode

  • Getting started in the Nigerian film industry,
  • The role of Nollywood in reshaping the Nigerian culture,
  • The future of the Nigerian film industry.

The Full Interview with Clare Ezeakacha

About The Guest: Clare Ezeakacha

Clare Ezeakacha is a Filmmaker, Content Developer, Voice Artist, Child Advocate, and founder of Clare Cares Foundation. She makes short films as tools for advocacy and to create awareness about social issues.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, a PGD in Mass Communication, a mini-MBA in non-profit leadership (LBS), and an MSC in Information Technology.

Clare started her career as an IT officer in KPMG, then transitioned into radio where she worked as a Radio Personality, producing and voicing jingles and political programs.

She debuted her career in film, with a directorial short titled “Arima” (a vignette on rape), thereafter producing a few more short films and feature-length movies.

As a mentor and child advocate, she started the Clare Cares Foundation, highlighting the struggle for education and protecting the rights of children in Nigeria and beyond.

Her foundation organizes educational seminars to sensitize the youths against vices such as rape and child abuse and raise funds from members, corporate organizations, philanthropists, international donor agencies, and government support programs for social impact projects.

Clare Ezeakacha supports children in rural areas and uses her voice as a tool for creating change in society.

You can connect with Clare Ezeakacha at her foundation website – Clarecaresfoundation.com.

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