David Williams Talks About His Music And Youth Worker In The UK

David Williams Talks About His Music And Youth Worker In The UK

Have you ever thought of making a true impact in your community? You can consider becoming a youth worker. Participating in youth work can uplift your confidence, make you feel like an important part of society, and open up new experiences.

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Becoming a youth worker is also both educational and enjoyable. It’s both fulfilling and fun. Plus, those who take part in it have more opportunities available to them.

But it’s not always easy. There are some challenges like any other human endeavor. These and more are what we will learn in this episode of Obehi podcast, and we are going to learn it from a person, David Williams who has made it a career and has done it with passion for years.

Some Key Points In This Episode

  • Starting out as a youth worker,
  • The true consequence of physical punishment,
  • What does it take to deliver a positive impact?

The Full Interview With David Williams

About The Guest: David Williams

David is a youth sector trailblazer. He has a real understanding of what it takes to deliver a positive impact for young people in all its complexities and has tested this in a wide range of contexts from youth work, training, and development, to youth custody and education.

He is completely committed to the development of self and others and is an excellent practitioner and social sector leader.

He is a great relationship builder with a skill at finding connections and partnerships with anyone he meets. He combines this with an ability to think strategically and commercially for the benefit of the greater good of all.

David seeks to understand people and contexts and he is not afraid to work flexibly and adapt to every changing environment.

All this makes him a natural educationalist and an inspiring leader. Besides this, he is a talented Singer and Songwriter with a critically acclaimed album and an array of underground hits, and numerous shows under his belt.

You can connect with David Williams on his LinkedIn page

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