Enny Okosun Talks About His Music And Pays Tribute To The Late Nigerian Musician, Sunny Okosun

Enny Okosun Talks About His Music And Pays Tribute To The Late Nigerian Musician, Sunny Okosun

In this episode of Obehi podcast, you will hear Enny Okosun talks about his music and pays tribute to the late Nigerian musician, Sunny Okosun.

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Who is the late Sunny Okosun?

Born on January 1, 1947, Enugu, Nigeria and Died May 24, 2008, at Howard University Hospital, Washington, D.C., United States, Sonny Okosun was a Nigerian musician, who was known as the leader of the Ozzidi band.

He named his band “Ozzidi” after a famous Ijaw River god and so the meaning also meant “there is a message”. Sunny Okosun was a very popular musician in his prime times in Nigeria.

Some Key Points In This Episode

  • How he started with music,
  • His favorite music of Sunny Okosun,
  • How he sees his trajectory in his musical career.

The Full Interview With David Williams

About The Guest: David Williams

EnnyOkosun, is an international branded Nigerian, based in Dubai and hails from Edo state, the southern part of Nigeria. He is a professional chartered Civil/Structural engineer and holds a Master’s degree in Structural engineering.

His Stage name was coined out of his full name (JAMES ENI OKOSUN) and has since then been a household name among his fans. Music has been part of EnnyOkosun ever since he was a child and has been in the mass choir of various churches in Lagos, Nigeria.

The gift grew so wide that EnnyOkosun a gospel + Inspirational crooner who has decided to merge these two genres into GOSPIRATIONAL Music. He is the founder of this merged genre and decided to tag himself as the” King of Gospirational”.

In his own opinion, Gospirational songs, he records are to affect society positively and minister to all facets and issues of life.

His Engineering profession has, in no time, been affected by his musical career and vice versa. His engineering profession has taken him both far and wide including the great land of Dubai which has a lot of beautiful features.

EnnyOkosun has ministered in songs both far and wide and across the country most especially, Lagos State, Nigeria and Dubai with his team. While in Dubai, he owned an Online Radio Station (gmi radio Dubai).

He has received so many awards such as the artiste with a potential award from TopNaija music, the best collaboration award with uniekgrace on greater love from the impact makers awards in Belgium, Europe 2019.

The song had a breaking record 5 times on being inspired by shoggy shoggz, best African pop artiste 2019 from the international gospel music awards (igma), USA and best international artist of the year 2020 from S&M gospel indie award, USA, Texas awards, USA, GX awards, UK and many more.

EnnyOkosun just released “I Pray” Featuring Azadus.

You can connect with EnnyOkosun on his Spotify page.

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