Kenja Mccray Ph.D. Talks About African American History

Kenja Mccray Ph.D. Talks About African American History

Today, we are going to be exploring African American history and how it relates to the American society of today. Claim Your List Of 10 African Books To Read.

Now, you might be wondering. Do we really have to start talking about the past again? Can’t we just move on?

Well, that is not the best advice to give, especially to the victims of an unjust system, epitomized with different names and brands – systemic racism, discrimination, and the oppressive legal and political structure.

This, after all, is happening in a supposedly free society, which sells its image of equality for all. That in itself is the confusion that needs better clarification.

The Key Questions In This Episode:

  • How much do we really understand the system?
  • Why are racism and discrimination so deep in America?
  • As an African diaspora, do you know what is stacked up against you?
  • And why do you need to learn about your history as a people?

To educate us on these and other questions, we are going to be relying on a Visiting Associate Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Kenja Mccray Ph.D.

The Full Interview With Kenja Mccray

About The Guest – Kenja Mccray

Passionate to pass on knowledge, her educational works have been recognized as Atlanta Metropolitan State College’s Teaching Excellence Award nominee in 2012.

She is committed to helping provide a holistic college experience to diverse students through academic and cocurricular advisement. Dedicated to serving campus and community via administrative and committee work.

Kenja’s main areas of research include Black Power Studies, the 19th and 20th century United States, African Americans, Africa, and the diaspora, transnational histories, women, class, and social history.

She had spoken on various history-related topics at neighborhood events as well as in K-12 and college settings.

You can contact Kenja Mccray on her LinkedIn page.

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