How Educational Institutions And Businesses Use African American History With Marcus Nicks

How Educational Institutions And Businesses Use African American History With Marcus Nicks

In this episode of Obehi podcast, you will learn how Educational Institutions And Businesses Use African American History. Talking to us today is Marcus Nicks, an Educational Consultant, and African American Historian, Columbia, Maryland, United States.

Some Key Points In This Episode

  • What formed your identity as a young adolescent,
  • What you would want people to know about African American history,
  • What did you remember learning about Africa in your school days?

The Full Interview With Marcus Sankofa Nicks

About The Guest: Marcus Sankofa Nicks

Marcus Sankofa Nicks, is an acclaimed researcher, historian, and educator. He regularly facilitates conversations surrounding the African American historical experience, the topic of race, and its present-day implications.

He holds a Master of Arts degree in African American Studies from the HBCU Morgan State University. Marcus’ research work primarily focuses on the history of African Americans in the United States. A significant aspect of his research is the historic plight of African Americans in the field of education.

Some of his most recent work includes providing regular professional development webinars for K-12 educators throughout the country in collaboration with the Reginald F. Lewis Lewis Museum, the largest African American museum in Maryland.

Earlier this month he provided a 2-part virtual web series in collaboration with the Howard County Public Library on The Legacy of Dr. Carter G. Woodson, and The Significance and Importance of Black History. He has recently served as a guest on the Spotify podcast, Leading Equity along with others entitled, Teacher Talk Community and Bold Black Girls Podcast.

He has worked in Maryland’s Howard County Public School System for over 12 years as Liaison for the Black Student Achievement Program, working to eliminate educational disparities amongst Black African American students.

He has served as a consultant for numerous educators on effective approaches to supporting Black African American students through a culturally relevant trauma-informed approach.

Marcus has co-taught the African American Studies Seminar Course and has also provided professional development support and healing spaces for K-12 educators nationwide.

He is currently serving an educational consultant for the Maryland Center For History and Culture and the Howard County Center of African American Culture. He has presented at conferences, conventions, colloquiums, schools, churches, community centers, amongst other places from Howard County, Baltimore City and beyond.

His mission is to empower, educate, and inspire others through the lens of African American Culture and History.

Marcus is a proud husband, father, and preacher’s son who is passionate about his role in uplifting his community and all of humanity.

You can learn more about Marcus (Sankofa) Nicks on his LinkedIn page.

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