Nana Motobi Talks About His Artistic Work And His Immigration Journey From Ghana To Italy

Nana Motobi Talks About His Artistic Work And His Immigration Journey From Ghana To Italy

In today’s episode of Obehi podcast, we are going to be talking with Nana Motobi, a Ghanaian musical artist, producer, and sound engineer in Trento, Italy and he is going to be sharing his artistic experiences and immigration journey with us.

Some Key Points In This Episode

  • Starting out as a musical artist,
  • How our immigration experience influences our artistic work,
  • As immigrants in the west, we should learn and send the knowledge home for improvement.

The Full Interview with Nana Motobi

About The Guest: Nana Motobi

Nana Kofi Osei, aka “Nana Motobi” is a Ghanaian producer, rapper, sound engineer, and founder of the Abe pe show music production house. He has been active on the international scene for more than 15 years with his productions ranging from rap, afrobeat, and hiplife.

He is recognizable for his flow and his explosive energy on stage. Nana Motobi began as a teenager, composing his own rhymes and he collaborated with various artists first in Ghana, then in Trentino where he has lived since 2007.

Driven by the desire to produce his own backing tracks and songs, he specializes in Music Production, and in 2016 he founded his music production studio “Abe Pe Show”.

The first album produced is Welcome to Europe (his first E.p.) in 2018 which tells the journey and the illusion of many African brothers coming to Europe. The project saw a huge Turn Up in 2020, with the participation of 16 international artists from 9 countries.

His new project is Mic & Beat, an album that aims to promote the platform with the same name by Abe Pe Show which will be a space dedicated to the connection of artists, products, and services for the growth and recognition of the hip hop, afrobeat, afro trap, drum and bass, dancehall sector.

Nana has performed on various stages:

  • World House, Amsterdam. Voice4 Thought Festival, Leiden – Holland
  • Bologna: Festival dell’Antropologia, L’altra Spazio; Trento: Sanbapolis – Italy
  • And Muse, Bookique, D’estate al parco – United travellers voice, Bolzano: University of Bolzano, Italy.

In 2022 he was the main actor in Poe Festival and Religion today film festival.

Nana Motobi, guides as a trainer of musical projects and workshops aimed at teenagers and children to promote social inclusion and interculturality through rap music.

He is also the artistic director for Amoahbia festival organized in Lagolo, Trento.

You can connect with Nana Motobi on his – LinkedIn page

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