Netta Jenkins Talks About How To Build A Better Society With Equity, Diversity, And Inclusion

Netta Jenkins Talks About How To Build A Better Society With Equity, Diversity, And Inclusion

At the wake of the Buffalo mass shooting on May 14, leading to the death of 10 people in Buffalo New York, I reached out to Netta Jenkins to help us make sense of what happened, but for some reasons, we were not able to do the interview. Later, we met up via skype and she explained in an in-depth interview, how she started her social activism in the United States and how she thinks we can build a better society with equity, diversity, and inclusion. Join our Content Creation Academy

Some Key Points In This Episode

  • Why are the people silent about discrimination and racism?
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – are the people ready to engage?
  • How do we stop the proliferation of hateful ideologies in the United States?

The Full Interview with Netta Jenkins

About The Guest: Netta Jenkins

Netta Jenkins is a leading voice in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion field whose soaring audience engagement was doubtless a key factor in Forbes naming her as one of the top 7 anti-racism consultants in the world. Netta was featured in CIO Views publication as “The Top 10 Most Influential Black Women in Business to Follow in 2021”.

Netta is helping to build the first inclusive city in over 100 years – known as Telosa. The project has a target population of 5 million people by 2050.

An acclaimed author with a deep background in communications, leadership, and behavioral psychology, Netta has been advising corporations and audiences of all kinds for more than 15 years on the most effective strategies to address systemic racism, its traumatic impact, and the path to social justice.

Netta’s 100,000+ followers on LinkedIn draw on her knowledge and insights on key DEI concerns such as recruiting, corporate accountability, leadership authenticity, product inclusiveness, history and policy of structural racism, and career strategy.

Through Dipper, a data technology platform Netta co-founded, professionals of color find a digital safe-place where they can share experiences and find advice on their path to a better workplace one review at a time, whether good, bad or indifferent.

Netta’s greatest impact is perhaps in the corporate workspace, especially in tech. Currently, Netta is VP, Global Inclusion for a leading tech company, Unqork, and is an advisory board member for Betterment, an online investment company looking to expand opportunities for untapped investors.

Prior to Unqork, Netta created and executed strategy for five years as Vice President, Global Inclusion for IAC/InterActiveCorp (NASDAQ: IAC) tech and media brands with her research data-driven knowledge. Under Netta’s charge, Google said “IAC is a star example of a company pushing towards gender equality as well as overall cultural equality.”

Netta founded Holistic Inclusion Consulting LLC and offers diversity and anti-racism sessions to companies seeking change and to gain an understanding of systemic racism, employee equity, and fairness, and managing through trauma. She designs and helps companies implement DEI-driven recruiting, promotion paths, performance plans, and management paradigms.

She has been featured in Black Enterprise, Forbes, Business Insider, Blavity, CNN, and more for her work. Along the way, Netta has won multiple awards for her impact on corporate and startup diversity.

You can reach Netta Jenkins on her company website:

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