Nikita Nkese Talks About Child Welfare Programs In Nigeria

Child Welfare Programs In Nigeria with Nikita Nkese

In this episode of Obehi Podcast, Nikita Nkese, the Founder and Creative Director of Sweetest Kiddies Empire will tell us about Child Welfare Programs in Nigeria. Join our Content Creation Academy

In Nigeria, there are different child protection programs in existence, in the like of CPSS or Child Protection Sub-Sector.

What is the Child Protection Sub-Sector?

It is Recognized that the Government of Nigeria bears the primary responsibility for the protection of children in Nigeria, the Child Protection Sub-Sector (CPSS) in northeast Nigeria was established in 2017 and is the forum for the coordination of child protection in emergencies response in the north-east Nigeria (Adamawa, Borno and Yobe).

The principal objective Child Protection Sub-Sector is to ensure that child protection services for children, including adolescents, and caregivers most affected by the humanitarian crisis are responsive, efficient, effective, and inclusive.

The Child Protection Sub-Sector is led by the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development and co-led by the United Nations Children’s Fund.

The operational coordination is managed from Maiduguri, Borno State with Working Groups in FCT Abuja, Adamawa, and Yobe.

There are others like Child Helpline, a Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT) with its, Secretariat in Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.

There are many other child protection agencies in Nigeria because there are great individuals and organizations in Nigeria who want to see that young Nigerians are protected so they can grow well.

Nikita Nkese is one of such people and via skype, she is going to be connecting with me from Nigeria and she will share her experience of social activism and children’s welfare with us.

Some Key Points In This Episode

  • The motivation to get started with children’s welfare,
  • Understand children’s welfare in Nigeria,
  • Some harmful cultural practices against children in Nigeria.

The Full Interview with Nikita Nkese

About The Guest: Nikita Nkese

Nikita Nkese is an Associate Fellow of The Royal Commonwealth Society, London. And currently serves in the capacity of an international judge for The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition in Nigeria since 2019. A competition of more than 20, 000 entries annually from children in 54 Commonwealth countries.

She’s the Founder and Creative Director of Sweetest Kiddies Empire.  Having worked with children for about eleven (11) years now, she understands how children think, act, their unspoken fears, how they see the world and most importantly, how to spur them to greatness.

She was given an ‘Letter of Appreciation’ by The Royal Commonwealth Society headed by Queen Elizabeth ll.

Nikita holds a PGD in Education from National Teachers’ Institute, Kaduna; and B.Sc in Sociology from University of Calabar, Cross River State.

She’s also Child’s Rights Activist, Teens’ counselor, author of a bestselling children’s book, seasoned educationist and writer.

She has volunteered and collaborated with several NGOs and companies such as LadyCare Nigeria, Champions Beverages Nigeria etc, in projects promoting Child Rights and holistic development.

Between January – March 2022, Ladycare Sanitary Pads Nigeria, partnered with her and distributed 2500 pads to the girl-child in public schools in rural areas of Cross River State, Nigeria.

Nikita loves helping people to grow to become healthier and better versions of themselves.

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