Osinakachi Akuma Kalu Talks About Facing Reality In Africa Today

Osinakachi Akuma Kalu Talks About Facing Reality In Africa Today

Today, we are going to be talking about Africa/Nigeria, from a philosophical background to the real situation facing the people and what we can do to save ourselves. Claim Your List Of 10 African Books To Read.

If you are an African and you truly care about what is going on in the continent and among the African diaspora, you must reflect at a point. You must reflect on why a land this blessed as Africa should have the image it currently has, and the people enduring instead of enjoying the abundance around them.

In the words of Henry Ford, the late American industrialist: “Thinking is the hardest kind of work — which is probably the reason so few engage in it.”

Well, we are going to be doing a lot of thinking in today’s episode of Obehi Podcast.

The Keypoints In This Episode:

  1. Background of philosophy,
  2. The role of fear in our political setup,
  3. The importance of controlling our information.

These and other questions are what I am going to be asking our guest today, Osinakachi Akuma Kalu.

The Full Interview With Osinakachi Akuma Kalu

About The Guest – Osinakachi Akuma Kalu

Osinakachi Akuma Kalu is a WAMS Academy Fellow, Fearism Award-Winning Author, and the Founder of TAFFD, standing for Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussion.

Osinakachi believes that it is not enough for an NGO to give aid without providing an educative platform to actually lead people out of ignorance.

Why does his company, TAFFD exist? He has a simple answer: The world needs more Constructive Education than just aid.

Osinakachi is a strategic planner, a team builder, a visionary, and an inspirational speaker. He is a humanitarian who has extraordinary skills as an administrator, philosopher, and fearologist.

He graduated in Business Administration and Management at the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, and trained as a philosopher.

He obtained two degrees in Philosophy, B.Phil., at the Pontifical Urban University in Rome, Italy, and B.A., at the Imo State University in Nigeria.

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