Prescott Smith Talks About Natural Resources And Conversations In The Bahamas

Prescott Smith Talks About Natural Resources And Conversations In The Bahamas

In this episode of Obehi podcast, you will hear Prescott Smith talks about natural resources and conversations in the Bahamas. Want to learn about StorytellingContent Creation, and how to build your Online Business? Then, Join our Content Creation Academy.

Some Key Points In This Episode

  • All the mineral resources are coming from Africa,
  • Do you know that the major resources in the world are within the equator and Africa is the largest landmass in the radius?
  • The West loves Africa because of its natural resources.

The Full Interview With Prescott Smith

About The Guest: Prescott Smith

Captain Prescott I. Smith is a Bahamian who believes in the empowerment of ordinary citizens through the use of natural resources.  He has committed a large part of his life to this arena, undeterred by the many odds he has faced.

His voice remains steadfast and relentless in the call for conservation, sustainable use, and ownership of natural resources by indigenous people. Prescott’s strength and inspiration come from his strong spiritual connection with nature, be it land or sea.

Born on the island of Andros in The Bahamas, Prescott comes from a family of professional fishermen.

His father Charles Smith was the first Bahamian to build and own a fishing lodge in The Bahamas, an expert offshore fishing captain, a flats fishing guide, and an inventor of the “Crazy Charlie” fly. From an early age, his father undoubtedly influenced Prescott’s unwavering love of the marine and natural environment.

His first career venture is marked in service as a marine mechanical engineer with the Bahamas Defense Force (BDF). It was during his time traveling with the BDF throughout The Bahamas (which comprises 700 islands and 2,300 cays) that Prescott became aware of the expansive natural wealth resources of these islands.

Following his service in the Defense Force, he moved to Andros to build his own fishing lodge with the goal to expand local ownership throughout the country in our number one industry, tourism.  During the construction phase of his flyfishing resort, he fished at several local lodges until Stafford Creek Lodge was officially opened in October 1998.

Prescott holds a Master’s A Captain License and is a Marine Mechanical Engineer, a certified Scuba Diver, and a Fly-Casting Instructor. Since 1994 he has been a Master Instructor for the National Guides Certification Program in The Bahamas and teaches courses in fly-casting, flats environment, and bonefish biology.

In 2004 he was engaged as a Consultant for the Ministry of Tourism of the British Virgin Islands, where he taught courses in the Flats Environment and in Fly-casting and advised students regarding the ownership and development of lodges.

From 2013 – 2017, he was appointed by the Cabinet of The Bahamas as the government’s representative for Education on the Council of The Bahamas National Trust.  Prescott’s desire is to see an education system that is decolonized and not one that promotes white supremacy.

Over the past 30 years, Prescott’s desire for true economic empowerment and fight for equality, along with a grassroots conservation model, has led him to be a part of the establishment of several organizations.

The Bahamas Sportfishing & Conservation Association (BSCA) and The Bahamas Fly Fishing Industry Association (BFFIA) have led a concentrated focus on conservation and a sustainable model of nature-based tourism which includes fly fishing, offshore sportfishing, snorkeling, kayaking, and birdwatching.

As President of the Bahamas Fly Fishing Industry Association, he along with other board members of the highest integrity from various islands of The Bahamas fought for the passing of the first legislation in the country’s history, that laid the foundation for true ownership through a sustainable model in The Bahamas’ number one industry, tourism.

In 2017, the Legislated Regulation for the Fly-Fishing Industry was gazetted into law.

In 2018 Prescott Smith, as a Co-Founder, along with a group of other Bahamians, established The Bahamas Natural Resources Foundation (BNRF).  Its goal is that the citizens of The Bahamas benefit from its natural resources.

The Foundation strongly advocates for the establishment of a Sovereign Wealth Fund, a Ministry of Natural Resources, and an inventory and audit of the country’s resources.

Additionally, the Foundation aims to bring awareness and educate the citizens of The Bahamas about its resources, and to advocate for this information to be included in the national education curriculum.

Prescott Smith is the first Bahamian to win the 2021 Gladding Memorial Award of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute.  Presently, in addition to his many roles and functions, he serves as Chairman of the Central Andros Port Authority.

If you were to ask Prescott what he values most, he would humbly speak of the value of knowing and knowledge. This personifies his father’s favorite saying, “You don’t know enough to know what you need to know.  When you know enough to know that you don’t know what you need to know, it means you are always open to learning.

This makes you a wise person.” Prescott’s underpinning for living is learning. His expertise in many areas has been honed through many years of in-depth research, yet he believes he does not know close to enough, because there is still so much more to learn and work to be done.

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