A-CLASSES eLearning platform

Why you should care!

In today digital’s world, we believe and promote eLearning as the “fasted”, “effective” and “democratized” brand of education to bring more knowledge to the people, to those mostly in need. We believe this is our best way to contribute to our community and our world. If you believe in our project, join us today.

How To Support A-Classes

  • Donate to the project (till this moment, our projects have all been financed from our own pockets, so whatever amount you can contribute to the project will be highly appreciated.)

  • Become a contributing instructor to A-classes eLearning project.
  • Donate your lectures or eLearning contents to A-classes.
  • If not, you can suggest us a different way of how you prefer to support the project.

more info!

Read about “Our Why” and see the “list of those who have worked on the project” since early 2013

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