Those Who Have Worked In The Project

The following is the list of those who have contributed to my journey and this project in one way or another.

I sincerely apologize if for any reason your name is missing in the list. It’s by no means intentional. To all of you, I want to say thank you from the depth of my heart. I am internally grateful to you.

Obehi Ewanfoh – Founder of  A-classes

My Family

To my parents, Mrs and Mrs Ewanfoh, I say thank you for your love, your education and your care. It’s beyond any measure. Thank you for all.

My wife, Ofure and my son, Efua Obehi,

Thank you for your love and endless support in building this (A-classes) eLearning platform, our unique way of making a little contribution in our community and serving different people across the world.

My Brothers

To all my brothers and sisters in Nigeria and beyond, the rainbows of Ewanfoh family, thank you all for your kindness and support. I appreciate your infinite love and all what you have done for me ever since I was a child. Thank you all.

  • Ewanfoh Emmanuel
  • Ewanfoh Godday
  • Ewanfoh Saturday
  • Ewanfoh Ogbemudia
  • Ewanfoh Famous
  • Ewanfoh Friday

My Sisters

  • Ewanfoh Grace 
  • Ewanfoh Odegua

All the nieces and nephews, thank you all with love.  


Verona Film Commission.

  • Agy Kwakye: Resident – Vicenza.
  • Lorenzo Mazzi: Resident – Verona.
  • Vilma Ottonelli: Resident – Brescia.
  • Macelleria Atlas: Resident – Verona.
  • Karole Tcheukam: Resident – Verona.
  • Ada Indrieş: Social assistant – Verona.
  • Yimer Dagmawi: Documentarian – Verona.
  • Andrews Yeboah: Photographer – Verona.
  • Gbeyo Yoro Stephanie: Resident – Verona.
  • Manuela Garreffa: Translator – Barcelona, Spain.
  • Riccardo Sagentini: Photographer – Verona.
  • Malice Omondi: Social assistant – Verona.
  • Corinne Djitchouang: Resident – Verona.
  • Chiara Fraccaroli: Resident – Verona.
  • Karine Tchuente: Resident – Verona.
  • Eliana Bombieri: Resident – Verona.
  • Fabrizio Colombo: Priest – Verona.
  • Ofure Mathina: Resident – Verona.
  • Meg Ebu: Designer – Verona.




  • Charles Ani: Architect – Verona.
  • Odion Hope: Resident – Verona.
  • Kingford Patrick: Resident – Verona.
  • Jean Francois: Entrepreneur – Verona.
  • Enabulele Benson: Resident – Verona.
  • Hamid Barole: Poet and author – Verona.
  • Erhomosele Orukpe: Resident – Verona.
  • Beyene Zerazion: Medical oculist – Verona.
  • Sandra Faith Erhabor: Social worker – Verona.
  • Ernesto Da Silva: Guinea Bessua resident – Verona.
  • Robert Osifo: Ex-President of the Nigerian Association in Verona.

Other Contributors 

  • Francesca Bazzani: Food marketing consultant – Verona.
  • Tommy Kuti: Musical artist – Brescia.
  • Mustapha Wagne: Trade Unionist – Veronetta.
  • Marco Danielon: Sculpture Artist – Veronetta.
  • Giancarlo Beltrame: Journalist and Lecturer.
  • Carlo Melegari: Director of Cestim – Verona.
  • Giovanni Vignato: Shop owner – Veronetta.
  • Pierluigi Grigoletti: Architect – Veronetta.
  • Uddin Monazim: Shop owner – Veronetta.
  • Loughlimi Lhabib: Resident – Veronetta.
  • Marco Ambrosi: Photographer – Verona.
  • Innocent Ebe: Shop owner – Veronetta.
  • Lauria Andrea: Resident – Veronetta.
  • Giulia Vicenzi: Resident – veronetta.
  • Rasika: Shop owner – Veronetta.
  • Zama: Shop owner – Veronetta.


Interviewees – Parents/Teachers

  • Maddalena Albanese: Teacher of history and Italian language and a Referent for the integration of non-Italian students – Vicenza.
  • Ethiel France: The main protagonist of the research – Vicenza.
  • Cristina Cominacini: Social worker in “Le Fate” association – Verona.
  • Elena Buttturini: Teacher in Massalongo Elementary School – Verona.
  • Domenico Martino: Director of the ministry of education in Vicenza, at the time of interview.
  • Ethiel’s Mother – Vicenza.
  • Valida Boafo: Mother – Padova.
  • Marta Borin: Ethiel’s friend in school – Vicenza.
  • Cadigia Hassan: Mother and journalist – Padova.
  • Ernesto Passante: Head teachers of Veronetta, Verona, at the time of interview.
  • Jennifer Iloegbunam: Mother and cultural mediator – Verona.
  • Ziani Abdelghani: Moroccan parent and cultural mediator – Verona.
  • Marialuisa Damini: Teacher and researcher for culturally diversity in schools.
  • Giorgio Santarello: Director of Padova provincial administration, work and formation section, at the time of interview.

VOXPOP – Students 

Vanessa: Student – Verona.

  • Emanuela: Student – Verona.
  • Sara: Istituto Paritario Sacra Famiglia – Verona.
  • Nora: Massalongo Scuola Elementare – Verona.
  • Aima: Massalongo Scuola Elementare – Verona.
  • Anna: Massalongo Scuola Elementare – Verona.
  • Melani: Istituto Paritario Sacra Famiglia – Verona.
  • Mattia: Istituto Tecnico Industriale Statale -Vicenza.
  • Ahmed: Istituto Tecnico Industriale Statale – Vicenza.
  • Anthony: Istituto Tecnico Industriale Statale – Vicenza.
  • Winifred: Istituto Tecnico Statale Marco Polo – Verona.
  • Andrea: Istituto Tecnico Commerciale Einaudi – Padova.
  • Leonardo: Istituto Tecnico Commerciale Einaudi – Padova.
  • Asmaa: Istituto Tecnico Commerciale Aldo Pasoli – Verona.



  • Marcellino Marundo: Lecturer of Economics – Mozambique.
  • Cisse Falilou: Musical artist and trade unionist – Verona.
  • Elena Migliavacca: Deretor of Casa di Ramia – Verona.
  • Anna Mozzo: Student at the University of Verona.
  • Ramona Parenza: Teacher and author – Brescia.
  • Ibrahim Khachab: Restorant Owner – Veronetta.
  • Francesca Benciolini: City Councillor – Padova.
  • Giusepina Boateng: Social Assistant – Verona.
  • Camilla: Liceo Artistico Statale Amedeo Modigliani – Padova.
  • Lorenzo: Istituto d’Istruzione Superiore “A. Canova” – Vicenza.
  • Anna: Istituto Di Istruzione Superiore Leonardo Da Vinci – Padova. 

Other Contributors 

  • Lucia Perina: General Secretary of UIL Verona.
  • Sarah Chreyha: A psychologist who is specialised in evolutive and psychodiagnostic psychology in Padua.

For Advice and Revision of Texts 

  • Innocent Daniel Ezenwa: Community leader – Verona.
  • Ugochukwu: Lecturer at Open University – United Kingdoms.
  • Elise Abram: Educator, Author, and Publisher – Ontario, Canada.
  • Daniel Kobehe: Ivory Coast Immigrant Worker – Paris, France.



Interviewees – Workers at refugee centres

  • Claudio: Ronde della carità of Verona.
  • Lucia Zanoni: Centro aperto, Verona.
  • Nadia Gobbo: Centro aperto, Verona.
  • Eleonora Rizzi: Spazio aperto, Verona.
  • Andrea Tassetti: Centro aperto, Verona.
  • Massimiliano Minozzo: Associazione Betania, Verona.

Some Of The Refugees That Were Interviewed

  • Addourahmane.
  • Mamadou.
  • Fredrick.
  • Otokiti.
  • Omoregne.
  • Efosa.
  • Iyamu.
  • Obeto.
  • Nwosu.
  • Osemiekhian.

Conference On Human Migration – University of Verona

  • Prof. Gian Paolo Romagnano: Director of the Department of Culture and civilization, University of Verona.
  • Jean-Pierre Piessou: Lecturer of African anthropology.
  • Gruppo dei rifugiati: African Young Stars, Verona.
  • Alessandro Tortorella – Vice prefect of Verona.
  • Luca Delponte: Journalist, TeleArena, Verona.
  • Marina Sorina: Italian-Ukraine author.
  • Anna Leso – City Councillor, Verona.
  • Fometh Attiogbe: Ivorian poet, Verona.
  • Raffaello Zordan: Journalist at Nigrizia, Verona.
  • Nadia Gobbo: Cooperativa spazio aperto, Verona.
  • Prosper Nkenfack: President of Africa’s friends, Verona.
  • Prof. Anna Maria Paini: Lecturer of anthropology, University of Verona.
  • Prof. Emanuela Gamberoni: Lecturer of human geography, University of Verona.

Thank you for your contribution and please continue with us in our new project: A-classes eLeaning