Those Who Have Worked In The Project

The following is the list of those who have contributed to this project in one way or another.

I sincerely apologise if for any reason your name is missing in the list. It’s by no means intentional. To all of you, I want to say thank you from the depth of my heart. I am internally grateful to you.


Obehi Ewanfoh

Author & Instructor – Self-improvement Strategy



Verona Film Commission.

Agy Kwakye: Resident – Vicenza.

Lorenzo Mazzi: Resident – Verona.

Vilma Ottonelli: Resident – Brescia.

Macelleria Atlas: Resident – Verona.

Karole Tcheukam: Resident – Verona.

Ada Indrieş: Social assistant – Verona.

Yimer Dagmawi: Documentarian – Verona.

Andrews Yeboah: Photographer – Verona.

Gbeyo Yoro Stephanie: Resident – Verona.

Manuela Garreffa: Translator – Barcelona, Spain.

Riccardo Sagentini: Photographer – Verona.

Malice Omondi: Social assistant – Verona.

Corinne Djitchouang: Resident – Verona.

Chiara Fraccaroli: Resident – Verona.

Karine Tchuente: Resident – Verona.

Eliana Bombieri: Resident – Verona.

Fabrizio Colombo: Priest – Verona.

Ofure Mathina: Resident – Verona.

Meg Ebu: Designer – Verona.





Charles Ani: Architect – Verona.

Odion Hope: Resident – Verona.

Kingford Patrick: Resident – Verona.

Jean Francois: Entrepreneur – Verona.

Enabulele Benson: Resident – Verona.

Hamid Barole: Poet and author – Verona.

Erhomosele Orukpe: Resident – Verona.

Beyene Zerazion: Medical oculist – Verona.

Sandra Faith Erhabor: Social worker – Verona.

Ernesto Da Silva: Guinea Bessua resident – Verona.

Robert Osifo: Ex-President of the Nigerian Association in Verona.

Other Contributors 

Francesca Bazzani: Food marketing consultant – Verona.

Tommy Kuti: Musical artist – Brescia.



Marcellino Marundo: Lecturer of Economics – Mozambique.

Cisse Falilou: Musical artist and trade unionist – Verona.

Elena Migliavacca: Deretor of Casa di Ramia – Verona.

Anna Mozzo: Student at the University of Verona.

Ramona Parenza: Teacher and author – Brescia.

Ibrahim Khachab: Restorant Owner – Veronetta.

Francesca Benciolini: City Councillor – Padova.

Giusepina Boateng: Social Assistant – Verona.

Mustapha Wagne: Trade Unionist – Veronetta.

Marco Danielon: Sculpture Artist – Veronetta.

Giancarlo Beltrame: Journalist and Lecturer.

Carlo Melegari: Director of Cestim – Verona.

Giovanni Vignato: Shop owner – Veronetta.

Pierluigi Grigoletti: Architect – Veronetta.

Uddin Monazim: Shop owner – Veronetta.

Loughlimi Lhabib: Resident – Veronetta.

Marco Ambrosi: Photographer – Verona.

Innocent Ebe: Shop owner – Veronetta.

Lauria Andrea: Resident – Veronetta.

Giulia Vicenzi: Resident – veronetta.

Rasika: Shop owner – Veronetta.

Zama: Shop owner – Veronetta.


Interviewees – Parents/Teachers

Maddalena Albanese: Teacher of history and Italian language and a Referent for the integration of non-Italian students – Vicenza.

Ethiel France: The main protagonist of the research – Vicenza.

Cristina Cominacini: Social worker in “Le Fate” association – Verona.

Elena Buttturini: Teacher in Massalongo Elementary School – Verona.

Domenico Martino: Director of the ministry of education in Vicenza, at the time of interview.

Ethiel’s Mother – Vicenza.

Valida Boafo: Mother – Padova.

Marta Borin: Ethiel’s friend in school – Vicenza.

Cadigia Hassan: Mother and journalist – Padova.

Ernesto Passante: Head teachers of Veronetta, Verona, at the time of interview.

Jennifer Iloegbunam: Mother and cultural mediator – Verona.

Ziani Abdelghani: Moroccan parent and cultural mediator – Verona.

Marialuisa Damini: Teacher and researcher for culturally diversity in schools.

Giorgio Santarello: Director of Padova provincial administration, work and formation section, at the time of interview.

VOXPOP – Students 

Vanessa: Student – Verona.

Emanuela: Student – Verona.

Sara: Istituto Paritario Sacra Famiglia – Verona.

Nora: Massalongo Scuola Elementare – Verona.

Aima: Massalongo Scuola Elementare – Verona.

Anna: Massalongo Scuola Elementare – Verona.

Melani: Istituto Paritario Sacra Famiglia – Verona.

Mattia: Istituto Tecnico Industriale Statale -Vicenza.

Ahmed: Istituto Tecnico Industriale Statale – Vicenza.

Anthony: Istituto Tecnico Industriale Statale – Vicenza.

Winifred: Istituto Tecnico Statale Marco Polo – Verona.

Andrea: Istituto Tecnico Commerciale Einaudi – Padova.

Leonardo: Istituto Tecnico Commerciale Einaudi – Padova.

Asmaa: Istituto Tecnico Commerciale Aldo Pasoli – Verona.

Camilla: Liceo Artistico Statale Amedeo Modigliani – Padova.

Lorenzo: Istituto d’Istruzione Superiore “A. Canova” – Vicenza.

Anna: Istituto Di Istruzione Superiore Leonardo Da Vinci – Padova.


Other Contributors 

Lucia Perina: General Secretary of UIL Verona.

Sarah Chreyha: A psychologist who is specialised in evolutive and psychodiagnostic psychology in Padua.

For Advice and Revision of Texts 

Innocent Daniel Ezenwa: Community leader – Verona.

Ugochukwu: Lecturer at Open University – United Kingdoms.

Elise Abram: Educator, Author, and Publisher – Ontario, Canada.

Daniel Kobehe: Ivory Coast Immigrant Worker – Paris, France.



Interviewees – Workers at refugee centres

Claudio: Ronde della carità of Verona.

Lucia Zanoni: Centro aperto, Verona.

Nadia Gobbo: Centro aperto, Verona.

Eleonora Rizzi: Spazio aperto, Verona.

Andrea Tassetti: Centro aperto, Verona.

Massimiliano Minozzo: Associazione Betania, Verona.

Some Of The Refugees That Were Interviewed











Conference On Human Migration – University of Verona

Prof. Gian Paolo Romagnano: Director of the Department of Culture and civilization, University of Verona.

Jean-Pierre Piessou: Lecturer of African anthropology.

Gruppo dei rifugiati: African Young Stars, Verona.

Alessandro Tortorella – Vice prefect of Verona.

Luca Delponte: Journalist, TeleArena, Verona.

Marina Sorina: Italian-Ukraine author.

Anna Leso – City Councillor, Verona.

Fometh Attiogbe: Ivorian poet, Verona.

Raffaello Zordan: Journalist at Nigrizia, Verona.

Nadia Gobbo: Cooperativa spazio aperto, Verona.

Prosper Nkenfack: President of Africa’s friends, Verona.

Prof. Anna Maria Paini: Lecturer of anthropology, University of Verona.

Prof. Emanuela Gamberoni: Lecturer of human geography, University of Verona.

Thank you for your contribution and please continue with us in our new project: A-classes eLeaning