The Continuing Trump Affliction in The Usa by Austin Isikhuemen

The Continuing Trump Affliction in The Usa by Austin Isikhuemen

Tonight, I hardly slept at all. Glued to the beauty of amazing musical performances and spectacular fireworks across American cities in celebration of their independence.  Join our Content Creation Academy

With star-spangled banner fluttering in the wind and holidaymakers in a joyous mood and ready to party, their other issues of inflation, high gas prices, the Jan 6th insurgency investigation, and its absurd and dangerous revelations and gun violence took backstage. National pride and soul-elevating entertainment took over.

It was so infectious that I too decided to leave the Atikulation, Obedience, and Jagabanic Presidential pursuit issues for once and take my attention to the United States and its politics which I have not commented on for a long while.

I did quite a lot of reviews and opinions on the last American elections that happily, for me, removed the bull from the China shop and brought a sane, folksy grandpa to the oval office.

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I had thought the Trump matter would die after his demystification and his so-called ecclesiastical anointing to lead the world was proven to be false. Those who glibly talked about the approaching apocalypse and 5G and its 666 connotations and the cheap chip talk have all gone into hibernation.

Trump was roundly beaten by President Obama’s VP who was a Senator from 1973 to 2009. This was proven beyond a reasonable doubt even by Trump’s partymen who were State Secretaries of State with the responsibility to supervise the elections.

The courts in about 60 cases justly ruled that there was no evidence of collusion and rigging and that Biden won fair and square! Trump’s VP – Mike Pence – took this position too. Yet the trump affliction has refused to abate as his weird narrative of the stolen election has not only been bought by his ignorant base, it has been swallowed by them hook, line and sinker.

The Grand Old Party, the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan, led by the old fox Mitch McConnell of Kentucky has supported Trump all the way in spite of his earlier stand against the insurrection.

But when the Democrats wanted the unprecedented attack on the Capitol and democracy to the investigated, the Republicans demurred, barring its members from taking part in the planned Congressional bipartisan investigating committee.

Two members broke ranks – Senator Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois. Their exceptional courage and commitment to finding the truth have given the committee that highly sought coloration of bipartisan composition that will give the outcome political validation and near-universal acceptance.

Of recent, revelations of shameful shenanigans played by Trump and his cohorts attempting to overturn the elections have filled TV screens and cyberspace. It is being watched across the world.

They are inundated with lies, crude attempts at legal gymnastics, outright plans to disrupt the electoral vote count at the Capitol, Trump’s refusal to call off the insurgency, and the possible hurt or hanging of Mike Pence.

Even his attempt to go with the lunatics to the Capitol and partake in the insurrection but for the adamant refusal by a patriotic and dutiful secret service agent e.t.c.

Witnesses have included his own children, son-in-law, key aides, and members of his supporting lunatic fringe like the Oath Keepers and alleged Klansmen.

Amazing that in the bastion of Democracy that the world looks up to, a sitting President can plan and execute an insurgency! Has anyone bothered to think what the world would have been with a second-term Trump?

With his mishandling of the covid19 pandemic back home and his cozying up with strong men like Kim Jung Un and Vlad of Moscow, only God knows where the world would have been today.

Ukraine would have long been obliterated. NATO would have been rendered impotent and climate change painted as a hoax with dire consequences for the future of our planet.

What really gladdens my heart is the fact that digging for the facts of the January 6th insurrection, no matter how long how it takes, no matter the costs in dollar terms, no matter the risk to the committee members and Ironwoman Nancy Pelosi, no matter the threats to Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, the show goes on!

That’s what is meant by strong institutions. Trump is a strong man but the strong institutions will hold him to account!

Nigerian democracy is different though we claim to have copied the American variant. The only resemblance is the four-year two-term maximum tenure. Every other thing is a caricature of the Washington practice.

As imperfect as theirs may be, they do not pay $100m to buy forms there, neither do they pay senators and house members more than the CEO’s of the biggest corporations.

Former Governors do not get mansions in Washington at taxpayers’ expense. Not even the President has that obscene privilege. Obama and wife wrote books that generated the money with which they bought their house. So did Bill Clinton.

Trump and his ideas as well as believers in his insane theories are alive and well in the USA. But their days are numbered because the strong institutions there would curb their excesses and let democracy triumph still.

But it is noteworthy that it is the mostly uneducated white folks and a sprinkling of misguided non-whites that form the bulk of the insurgent horde and current attendees at Trump’s meaningless rallies. They believe everything Trump and Ms. Green and Cruz and ghoulish Giuliani tell them as gospel truth.

Sadly, this may be what some of our politicians are also counting on – use of illiterate folks as the bulwark of their success in 2023.

Feed them lies and use them against their own interests because they know no better having been deliberately excluded from the education train. It’s clear now that demagogues find it easier to rise to power where education is limited.

We must fight the scourge of illiteracy and lack of education. For our future’s sake. Ukrainians are doing what they are doing by choice. They are not blindly following a bumbling demagogue…

Lagos. 5th July 2022 – Austin Isikhuemen 

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